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The Challenges of OOH

The out-of-home industry is difficult to navigate and presents many challenges to agencies and advertisers. 


Multitude of Vendors

There are numerous vendors to research and choose from. If you choose to book with more than one vendor or in more than one market, you will have many vendor representatives to coordinate with.


Vast Inventory Choices

With so much inventory out there, it is difficult to know what will cut through the clutter. 


Lack of Price Transparency

Without expertise in the market, it is difficult to know whether you are getting a good price.


Importance of Local Knowledge

Successful out-of-home campaigns require knowledge of the local market and you may be running a campaign in a market you are unfamiliar with.


Meticulous Campaign Management

Once a campaign is planned and booked, the real work begins, managing and tracking the details through the production, installation and the reporting process.

Wilkins helps you navigate these challenges. 

We do not require any agreements or contracts for you to utilize our services and expertise. Our work is performed on a project-to-project basis, so we are continually working to earn your trust and bring value to your business.

Wilkins is not a vendor. We do not control any out-of-home inventory that we are committed to sell. As your partner our commitment is to you alone.

When you have an out-of-home request, simply reach out to review your strategy and objectives. Then let our team get to work in building a customized research-based recommendation that aligns with your objectives.


Once a proposal is approved, we send you one contract for all media covering all markets to review and sign. Our contracts include clauses covering sequential liability, 60-day cancellation, and copy rejection.


When it is time to submit artwork, all specifications will be provided in one simple document. We also facilitate trafficking of your creative assets to ensure timely posting in each market including full proof-of-performance reporting.

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