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Place Based OOH

ProHealth (Compressed)
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Reach a captive audience in contextually-relevant locations. High dwell times mean your ad gets to really sink in and make an impact.

Be everywhere your customers are

Place-based out-of-home advertising encompasses a wide variety of formats. Wherever people are gathering, there is media that can be leveraged to reach them.​

Some of the most common places where place-based media can be found include airports, convenience stores, gas stations, beauty salons, convention centers, office buildings, college campuses, gyms, doctor's offices, beaches, movie theaters. The list goes on! 

Advertising in these types of locations allows for incredible contextual relevance. You can reach consumers when they may be in the exact frame of mind to receive your message and take action.

If you're marketing a new healthy snack about to hit the market, why not consider place-based advertising in gyms? How about a regional bank promoting their student banking options - go to the source on college campuses. 

Not only does place-based advertising lend itself to contextual relevance, it also has the benefit of extended dwell time. Consumers often spend a significant amount of time shopping in the grocery store, dining out at a restaurant, or visiting the nail salon. This provides even more opportunity for your message to be seen and absorbed.

  • Aerial
  • Airports
  • Arenas & Stadiums
  • Beauty Services (hair salons, barbershops, nail salons)
  • Convention Centers
  • Elevators
  • Entertainment (amusement parks, arcades, cinemas, pools, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, ski resorts, swim clubs, etc.)
  • Gas Stations
  • Health & Wellness (doctors’ offices, pharmacies, urgent care centers, etc.)
  • Lifestyle (fitness centers, gyms)
  • Malls
  • Marine & Beach Retail
  • School/Campus
  • Supermarkets & Convenience Stores
Clover Health (Compressed)
WI Bar Coasters
Kohler (1)
Visit Annapolis Boat
Meridian Care
Detroit Institute of Arts
Pacific Northwest University
Vets4Warriors (1)
Airtable-1 (Compressed)
Get Out The Vote (1)
PA Dept of Agriculture
IU Health
Point of Sale (1)
Priority Health
WI Dept of Health (1)
Rolling Loud Boat
Clover Health-2
WI Bar Coasters-1
Visit Annapolis
Meridian Care-1
Detroit Institute of the Arts
Pacific Northwest University-1
Get Out The Vote-1
PA Dept Agri
IU Health-1
Point of Sale-1
Priority Health-1
WI Dept of Health-1
Rolling Loud Boat-1

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