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Save Our Dad

Save our Dad - Billboard.jpg

In order to raise awareness for a patient's need for a kidney transplant, Wilkins Media worked on a 5-state out-of-home campaign with the goal of collecting donor applications and expediting the donor process.

With the help of Wilkins Media's vendor partners, 40 billboards were set up in the Ohio and Philadelphia regions including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Kentucky. Lamar, Outfront, Interstate and Keystone were all instrumental in providing pro bono media space. 

The Results:

  • 250 applications were submitted with the help of the placed billboards

  • 9 individuals showed up to see if they were a match

  • 3 of the 9 individuals were a kidney match, while 1 individual went through with the kidney donation surgery

  • 3 additional transplants were made to other patients in need of a donor

The national average for a cadaver donor transplant is 7 years. With the power of out-of-home, a living donor was found who completed the long pre-qualifications and transplant was within 9 months!

The billboards created so much buzz that the Comprehensive Transplant Center at Ohio State has received additional donor candidates that are willing to donate and save additional lives.

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