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The Stonewall Inn

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When it comes to raising awareness and spreading the word about special causes, there's nothing quite like the power of out-of-home! 

“The Next 50”

The goal of this campaign was to raise awareness for The Stonewall Inn “The Next 50” initiative which provides educational, strategic, and financial assistance to grassroot organizations committed to advocacy for and crucial support to LGBTQ individuals and communities.

This was a nationwide campaign during 2020 with media across 15 markets including Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Connecticut, Kansas City, Los Angeles, New Jersey, New York, Norfolk, Orlando, Palm Springs, CA, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Sacramento, and St. Louis.

The strength Wilkins Media’s vendor partnerships helped bring this pro bono campaign to life. A selection of independent media vendors donated media space across the country.The results were staggering at over 111 Million Impressions and nearly $700,000 in donated DOOH placements.

Media included:

  • 85 Pro Bono Billboards
  • Digital Bulletins, street furniture, kiosks, and digital place-based displays
  • 4-week Domination at Brookfield Place at World Trade Center in NYC
  • 4-week Domination at Atlantic Terminal in NYC
  • 10.5 Million Impressions across NYCLink locations
  • NJ Transit Digital Media
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A variety of out-of-home media types ranging from traditional billboards to transit media, street furniture, and digital place-based displays were leveraged in this campaign to raise awareness for The Stonewall Inn "The Next 50" initiative.

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Over 111 Million impressions were generated across the course of this nationwide campaign.

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