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Working at Wilkins

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Who Are We

Wilkins Media is the most established out-of-home specialist firm in the world with over 55 years of experience.

We partner with over 800 advertising agencies and 2,000 advertisers across dozens of industries to efficiently plan and execute out-of-home campaigns of all sizes across the US and internationally.


From strategy to planning to execution, Wilkins guides clients through every step of the out-of-home process.

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Our Team

Wilkins is a strong team of 100+ out-of-home experts (and growing!) located all across the US.


We pride ourselves on 24/7 dedication to our clients as well as our constant pursuit of knowledge of the ever-changing out-of-home landscape.


Wilkins dedicates significant time and resources to ongoing education and training for all employees throughout the year on various topics including out-of-home expertise, media planning, negotiation strategies, presentation skills, business communication, and more.


Wilkins strives to be a thought leader and, by extension, a valued resource that can help our clients grow their businesses.

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Leadership Team

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Jon Selame

President & Chief Executive Officer

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Harrisen Kim

Chief Operating Officer

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David Cirinelli

Executive Vice President, Finance

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Dana Burleson.jpg

Dana Burleson

Senior Vice President,

Strategy & Insights

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Amy Kay

Senior Vice President,

Account Services

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Chris Frazier.jpg

Chris Frazier

Vice President,

Business Development

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Caitlin Geehan.jpg

Caitlin Geehan

Vice President, Corporate Strategy

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Cecily Lister.jpg

Cecily Lister

Vice President, Production

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Dan Fitzpatrick.jpg

Dan Fitzpatrick

Director, Programmatic

Sales & Development

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Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

Diverse and inclusive teams have a positive impact on our services and help us better serve our clients, suppliers, employees, and community stakeholders from every background. We are constantly learning and growing from each of our varied perspectives and will continue to foster our diversity and inclusion initiatives.


of our new hires in the past 12 months have been women


of our Wilkins employees are women and/or people of color


of our executives are women and/or people of color


of revenue producing roles are held by women


of 2022 company promotions were awarded to women

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