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Wilkins Media is proud to be a part of these incredible out-of-home campaigns that have made a positive impact within our communities. Their success shows the power of out-of-home advertising to raise awareness and influence action.


We are grateful for our wonderful vendor partners who help make these campaigns a reality. 

stonewall main.png

The Stonewall Inn: The Next 50 Initiative

This nationwide campaign aimed to raise awareness for The Stonewall Inn “The Next 50” initiative which provides educational, strategic, and financial assistance to grassroot organizations committed to advocacy for and crucial support to LGBTQ individuals and communities.

The objective was to raise awareness for a patient's desperate need for a kidney transplant and to find a donor faster than the average 7-year timeframe. ​Forty billboards across 5 states garnered 250 donor applications and ultimately helped find a donor match.

OHBM 6.jpg

One Hundred Black Men of New York City

This campaign aimed to raise awareness for OHBM’s essential work involving the mentorship, economic empowerment, and celebration of the Black community. The campaign generated over 50M impressions as well as earned media with pickup across the news, all helping to raise awareness and attract new supporters.

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